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Forino Village, Leninsky District, Tula Region
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Forino Resort in Tula Region is a quiet, cozy place far away from the city, which is located on the banks of the pond at the Nyukhovka River. Comfortable rest in picturesque log cottages restores strength and immerses guests in the original Russian atmosphere of relaxation. Here you can spend a weekend or even your entire vacation, walking in the fresh air, by the water or doing outdoor sports. Forino Resort is universal in terms of choosing the type of recreation.

What are our guests looking for here? Freedom, peace, and the opportunity to improve your health, to let your body get stronger in the fresh air, to pamper yourself with a variety of procedures and services offered by the Forino Resort. All this is achievable for affordable prices.

Forino Resort services

Among the types of outdoor activities, we have available:

  • Bicycle rental;
  • Volleyball field;
  • Organization of paintball matches;
  • catamaran rental for a pond.

For our visitors to relax, the Forino Resort offers:

  • a steam bath with a plunge pool and rest rooms;
  • an evening with friends in a gazebo with a table and barbecue;
  • fishing on the banks of the Nyukhovka River; try to catch a big pike and take a photo with it.

Resort facilities

The Forino Resort in Tula Region has several cottages. So that our visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay for several days, the cottages have a kitchen, a TV set, a bathroom, and beds for 4 to 10 people. Each cottage has a homey feel: walls and furniture are made of solid wood, there is a Russian stove, in the banquet hall for 20 people there is a fireplace, and the kitchenhas a full set of utensils. Our guests praise the resort for fresh air, wild nature, spacious baths, and houses.

We are located near Tula in Forino Village, Tula Region In order to find us, you should drive along the M2 highway from Moscow and turn to Tula at the crossroads at the 156th kilometer. At the intersection with the traffic light at the Shell petrol station, turn right and keep driving until you see the sign for Forino. You don't have to look for a place where you can leave your car, because there is a parking lot at the resort.

The Khomyakov Estate Museum is one of the closest sights. The greatest representative of the Slavophil movement lived here in the 19th century. Today, the museum hosts guided tours, and the Khomyakov Home Literary Festival is launched in September.

A hundred meters from the Forino Resort there is a ski resort of the same name, equipped with chairlifts and offering ski equipment, tubes and snowboards for rent.

Come to Forino Resort for a unique Russian vacation combined with exceptional comfort, homeliness, and hospitality of Tula.

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