Recreational Center "Veles Forest"

Not far from Tula, around the pond, one can find the Velesov Les Resort - a place where you forget the worries of a noisy city. The resort is located in an environmentally clean place, which contributes to relaxation and makes your body stronger. The Velesov Les Resort is available for only 250 RUB per person. That is enough to swim in the pond, sunbathe on the equipped beach, meet the inhabitants of the eco-farm and park your car. Fishing is in special demand among all the services of the Velesov Les Resort. Here you can do it both in summer and in winter. Moreover, guests can come to us without much luggage, because we are ready to supply all the necessary equipment for reasonable prices. The descent to the water is equipped for maximum comfort of vacationers. Chopped pavilions with tables and barbecue grills are built along the pond perimeter. A small staircase leads to the water and ends with a wide bridge, which is convenient to fish catfish, carp, rudd, perch, bream, crucian carp, grass carp, etc. Accommodation at the Velesov Les Resort Have you arrived at the Velesov Les Resort in Tula and want to stay for the weekend? No problem! We have several accommodation options: • rent of a place in the tent camp and the tent itself; • cottage for 6 people; • cottage for 12 people. When settling in an environmentally clean primordial Russian log house, guests will get everything they need for a comfortable stay. For active guests, the Velesov Les Resort offers a volleyball ground, an area for playing darts, and tables for table tennis. For the smallest guests, the area has a children's inflatable playground. The Velesov Les Resort has been receiving participants and guests of the festival Veter Svobody for many years. Reviews, and most importantly, cool photos can be founf on our official website. Of course, we take pride in our luxurious bathhouse, made from rounded solid wood just like other facilities of the Velesov Les Resort in Tula. The steam room is quite spacious, in the middle of the rest room there is a long table for a large company, there is a sofa with a coffee table and even a fireplace. Besides, the bathhouse can serve you and your friends, and you can also order various dishes of Russian cuisine and relaxing teas at quite reasonable prices. To find the Velesov Les Resort in the Tula region, you need to write down the coordinates 54.238967, 37.178410 or the following address: Leninsky district, village of Borshevka.
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Borshchyovka, Leninskiy District, Tula Region
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Mon-Fri 10:00-20:00; Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00
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