Environmental Park Yasno Pole

Environmental Park Yasno Pole in the Yasnogorsk District of Tula Region is a creative corner of harmony between people and nature. Here you can relax, work, and merge with the environment, enjoying exceptional comfort without haste. Reviews and photos of Yasno Pole guests indicate that this place can be described as spacious, balanced, eco-friendly, clean and lovely llama!

This is why guests from all over the Central Russia come here. The beauty of nature, relaxing by the pond, natural food that grows and is produced right in the Yasnoye Pole is what fascinates our beloved guests. This is a place for neither banquets nor noisy weddings, but for solitude among the untouched wild and taking a break from the city life.

Environmental Park Yasno Pole facilities

Yasno Pole in Tula Region offers several options for accommodating guests:

  • two-storey rooms in the Teplitsa guest house, which can accommodate 5 to 10 people;
  • small cozy rooms in the ark house;
  • small summer cottages for couples in glamping style;
  • comfortable guest houses for large groups: Byk, Bolshaya Korova, Malaya Korova.

For meals, the Yasno Pole eco-farm has three food outlets:

  • homemade dishes restaurant at Teplitsa with breakfast, lunch, and dinner time;
  • summer cafe serving dishes that are cooked outdoors;
  • the second floor of the cheese dairy is a classic restaurant where we like to conduct workshops.

Yasno Pole is an environmental park where something is always happening. As a rule, there are concerts, workshops, retreats, outdoor lectures, gastronomic evenings, performances, and improvisations. To find out what awaits our guests this month, it is worth visiting our official website at

Seasonal and permanent services and activities are available in the environmental park as well:

  • a small but very useful gym at Krokokokon;
  • audio performance PROGOOLKA, directing thoughts in a healthy creative direction;
  • rent of a telescope to observe the stars;
  • apitherapy - a healing sleep against the background of the buzzing of bees with the smell of a hive;
  • rental of skis, skates, tubes and bicycles;
  • equestrian yard with possible horseback riding workshops and therapeutic horse-riding sessions.

An address is not enough to find us. It is best to enter the coordinates 54.7583769 / 37.8727682 into the navigator app and follow the signs once you leave the highway M-2 or M-4. It is better to book and prepare activities in advance. Please call 8-905-741-97-20. Come to vacate, take photos, enjoy the nature, leave reviews, and come back!

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Surroundings of Velezhevo Village between M4-Don highway and Simferopol highway, 120 km far from Moscow, Yasnogorsky District, Tula Region
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Ирина 15 March 2022
Очень приятное место. Останавливались в гостинице-теплице. Номер симпатичный, запомнился панорамным окном на природу. Ресторан в этом же корпусе, еда хорошая, хотя не очень дешево. Отдыхали 2 дня в феврале, чем заняться нашли – погуляли, покатались на лошади. Есть тренажерный зал, есть баня, но туда не ходили.