Novomoskovsky State Drama Theater named after VM Kachalin

Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Oktyabrskaya str., 21
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  • Description
    The story of the creative group began in 1934 when the theatre-studio was organized at the initiative of the City Komsomol Committee. It consisted of the Komsomol members who went to Bobriki in order to build a chemical factory in 1930s. V. Pashennaya, A. Tairov, I. Moskvin came to teach the future actors. The theater troupe headed by a director makes 6-7 opening nights a year, the repertoire is constantly updated, the number of the opening nights increases each season.
  • Contacts
    Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Oktyabrskaya str., 21
    Тел. для справок +7 (48762) 6-04-64
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