The Holy source of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

The Holy source of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God фото 1
The Osanovo holy spring is known far beyond the Tula region for more than 300 years. The village of Osanovo lies in the area surrounded by mountains, from which springs are flowing with very clean and healthy water, and is 80 versts from Tula and 30 versts from Venev, to the southeast of the latter. The place where the village is located was inhabited long ago; on scribal books of the second half of the XVI century. There was a village called Osanovo. People, who have visited this spring, are convinced of the healing properties of the osan spring water. From the huge run emanating from the well, the healing water drops with a noise and then this water flows through the stream into the river Pronya. Constant water temperature is four degrees Centigrade. Bathing is possible at any time of the year. Every year in July and October, on the feast of one of the most venerated icons in Russia - the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God - there is a piligrimage from all parts of Russia. According to legends, the water collected here on this day has special properties that can heal any ailments. And if you pass three times under the stream of ice-cold Osmanovo water, then "all sins will be washed away" and all next year you will be strong. Working time: daily, around-the-clock
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Osanovo, Novomoskovsky Region, Tula Region, Russia
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