The monument to Dmitry Donskoy, Novomoskovsk

The life of Knyaz Dmitry I Ivanovich of Moscow was short but extremely vivid. There are countless feats that he has accomplished in less than forty years but the most outstanding of them is the victory on Kulikovo Field! This event marked the beginning of the unification of Russian lands and the expulsion of the Golden Horde from our homeland! Thus, Knyaz's contribution to our modern life is difficult to overestimate!

The monument to Dmitry Donskoy in Novomoskovsk was erected in 1993. However, it was made of plaster and therefore was not long-lasting enough. This monument, like the one to Pushkin, was found at the local Car Repair Factory. It was hidden from view because, in Soviet society, it was not welcome to praise the exploits of the "exploiting class."

Since 2000, the monument to Dmitry Donskoy in Novomoskovsk stands already made of aluminum. It differs significantly from the previous one and it is located at the address: Sadovsky Street and Moskovskaya Street Intersection.

Looking at the sculpture, we may say that the legendary Knyaz, though through his descendants, is always ready to repel any actions on the part of the enemy! His hand is on the hilt, his head is proudly raised, and his eyes are firm!

But why is the monument to Dmitry Donskoy installed in Novomoskovsk?

The fact is that it is here that the great Don River originates, on the banks of which the battle of Kulikovo, which made the Knyaz famous for centuries, took place. Its source may be found in the city children's park!

When walking around Novomoskovsk, one may come here and take a commemorative picture!
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Moskovskaya Street and Sadovsky Steet Intersection, Novomoskovsk, Tula Region
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