Saint Assumption Monastery in Novomoskovsk

Novomoskovsk Saint Assumption Monastery was built on the edge of a quiet park in the city, which did not know any churches or bells from the moment of its foundation and until the early '90s.

Novomoskovsk has long needed a Church because its residents had to go to services in neighboring villages and regional centers. It seemed that the situation would not change for the better, but the Orthodox community did not wait long…

Holy places were turned into entertainment and industrial ones at the beginning of the XX century and to the contrary, leisure places in the city of workers began to be converted into churches at the end of the same century.

An ordinary summer cafe was first rented by the community, after which it was purchased as a house of prayer. But the Novomoskovskiy Monastery was supposed to appear here a little later.

Time had come when there had been a lack of space in the house of prayer and adjacent structures were started to be built to its premises. Soon, this facility was consecrated as the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God.

The parish continued to flourish steadily and in 1993, a second church was built next to the first one, the Church of the Assumption of Holy Mother of God.

Only in 1995, it was decided at the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church to establish the Novomoskovsk Saint Assumption Monastery in that place.

Gradually, the monastery was developed and ennobled. The brethren were assembled. Novomoskovsk monastery includes a Sunday school, residential buildings, domes, and walls with gates and towers. A little after, the summer temple of the Holy Myrrhbearers appeared. Despite all the infrastructure of the monastery, it seems very compact and cozy. There is a sense of safety and protection from all worldly things.

The brethren began to serve in the surrounding old churches, spiritually feed local boarding schools, secondary schools, and other institutions.

Novomoskovsk monastery is one of the twelve monasteries of Tula Region. Pilgrims often come here (at 15 Pionerskaya Str.). They take pictures, go through the hardships of the journey, and pay homage to the shrines of the monastery, one of which is the icon of the Holy Mother of God "Seeking Out of the Lost" blessed by Matrona Nikonova!

We are glad to invite you to visit these grateful places with gazebos, fountains, and a cozy territory!

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15 Pionerskaya St., Novomoskovsk, Tula Region
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Divine services are held daily on weekdays at 08:00 - Divine Liturgy; 17:00 - evening divine service
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