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War Memorial

Monument of Eternal Glory in Novomoskovsk

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    The monument was created by the member of the Academy of Arts of Russia O. K. Komov, the painter E. I. Ladygin, the architect V. A. Klimov, one of the authors of the memorial “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” near the Kremlin wall in Moscow. The monument was cast at the Mytishchi Factory of the Artistic Founding. The total height of the monument is 5m 60cm, the height of figures is 4m 50cm, the weight of the monument is 11tons. The monument was erected on a granite pedestal which has an area of 100 m. Here burns the Eternal Flame, which was lit on the day of the opening of the Monument on 30 December 1973.
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    Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Moscow street
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Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Moscow street

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