The monument to A. S. Pushkin Novomoskovsk

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    Welcome! The well-known dandy of the 19th century appeared in Novomoskovsk! It happened quite recently! In the early 90s!

    How is Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin connected with the city, the construction of which began only in 1933?

    The point is that the poet is loved all over the world. And in Novomoskovsk too! After all, the Monument to Pushkin was erected in one of the city's squares solely on the initiative of ordinary citizens!

    It is funny, but there is no exact data on where the monument came from and who was its creator.

    At a subbotnik in 1987, one of the Pushkinist women Tamara Aleksandrovna Bykova met the embodiment of her idol not somewhere but in the territory of a car repair plant! Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin stood before her in his slightly cold dandy manner.

    It took her six years to pave the path to the recovered statue of the poet! Finally, the Monument to Pushkin got a new address: Shakhterov Street and Octiabrskaya Street Intersection.

    Now Pushkinists from all over the country, when coming here, take pictures in front of Alexander Sergeyevich and read poems at his feet!

    We suggest you take a selfie at one of the most unusual monuments to the great Russian poet in the country after visiting the Source of the Don River or the Children's Railway!
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    Pushkinsky Square, Shakhterov Steet/Oktyabrskaya Steet, Novomoskovsk, Tula Region
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Pushkinsky Square, Shakhterov Steet/Oktyabrskaya Steet, Novomoskovsk, Tula Region

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