Rotonda in Novomoskovsk

Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Komsomolskaya street
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    The initiator of the construction and the author of this architectural structure for the board of miners honor was Ushakov Serafim Ivanovich. At first this building was called the Honor PavilionTo display photos of the best miners. Later, in the 1960s, it housed photographs of the best people of different professions. So the local authorities morally encouraged and stimulated the labor merit of our citizens. The inhabitants of the city began to call this structure as rotunda in the 1970s Years. This name is quite consistent with this architectural structure. The rotunda organically fits into the modern look of the city and decorates it for more than 66 years. This memorable place of those distant post-war years is beautiful at any time of the year and is loved not only by the Novomoskovsk residents, but also by the guests of the city.
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    Tula Region, Novomoskovsk, Komsomolskaya street
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