Sightseeing in Kireyevsky District

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Natural monuments
Sredny Dubik Tract фото
Sredny Dubik Tract
Right Slope of the Sredny Dubik Steam, Kireevsky District, Tula Region
Just look at this stunning valley of the tract "Sredny Dubik"! Time freezes here and you may watch the flying clouds while lying on the meadow slopes. Once you arrive here, you will not want to ret...
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Monasteries and Churches
The Church Of Paraskeva фото
The Church Of Paraskeva
Dedilivo, Kireyevsky District, Tula Region
The Church of Paraskeva Piatnitsa was erected in the village of Dedilovo as the evidence of the defeat of the Crimean Khan Devlet Giray's Horde fleeing from the unsuccessful siege of the Tula Krem...
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Monasteries and Churches
The Intercession Church фото
The Intercession Church
Novoselebnoye, Kireyevsky District, Tula Region
The beautiful Pokrovsky Church of the end of the 19th century in the village of Novoselebnoye did not escape the fate of all churches at the dawn of the 20th century. Nowadays, the wonderful Church...
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The sights of Kireyevsk tell the story of the town and its environs plainly and vividly. Tourists come here for outdoor recreation and in order to learn new things about our country and region.

Kireyevsk acquired town status only in 1956. Until that time, the work settlement of Kireyevka was located here. Ore and coal were mined nearby. The village itself was formed thanks to the settlers who left Dedilovo, one of the fortresses of the Great Zasechnaya Cherta (Great Abatis Border).

A more detailed story awaits you in the wonderful local lore museum. Within these walls, you will be told about the capital of the greatest Slavic tribe Vyatichi, Dedoslavl, about the all-Union achievements of local miners, about the attacks of the Crimean Khan Devlet Giray, and about his defeat. Dioramas and original exhibits of the museum are available to you at Chekhova St., 6A.

Another Kireyevsk landmark is located on Lenina St. – an old water tower shaped as a Venetian campanile. Similar structures are found in several other settlements in Tula Region. It is remarkable that such a tower was built in the middle of the 20th century. It’s a good idea to take a photo with such an unusual tourist attraction in the background.

You can relax in the fresh air in Kireyevsk walking along the shady alleys of the town park. Here you can sunbathe on the beach and swim in the Olen River.

When visiting Kireyevsky district, don’t forget to visit the ancient village of Dedilovo. You will find many earthen holes, Slavic temples and burial mounds around this settlement. In the center of the village stands the Church of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the painted walls of which will capture your attention.

Welcome to Kireyevsky District!