The Intercession Church

The Intercession Church in the village of Novoselebnoye was built of stone in 1897 for 1,663 people. In the 1930s, the Church was closed. For almost 15 years, the villagers had kept church utensils and icons in their homes, but already in 1946, as a result of the Stalin's Orthodox amnesty, the Intercession Church resumed its service. Since then, the Church has been open to public.

It is located 4km far from the M4 Highway. Within a radius of 10 km around the village of Novoselebnoye, there are sights like Dedoslavl Gorodishche, one of the Vyatichi tribe capitals, and the Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Dedilovo. In the neighboring village of Shvartsevsky, you can relax on the beach at the local pond.

In honor of the wonderful holiday of the Holy Intercession, many churches were built in our region. Among those are the Intercession Church in Tula at Kalinina St., 10, a church in the town of Venev at the local Red Square, a church in Kimovsk, a church near Bogoroditsky, a church in the suburbs of Efremov, a church in the village of Blagodat, a church in Cherni, a church in Suvorov, a church in Belev, and many other temples in the area. This holiday is very special due to the fact that the appearance of the Mother of God in the Blachernae Church of Constantinople proved to all Orthodox people that the Blessed Virgin hadn't abandoned them.

The church in Novoselebnoye is a brick quadrangle with five chapters styled after Russian ornamental design. The refectory attached to it has two limits, consecrated in honor of Nicholas the Wonderworker and John the Baptist. A three-tiered bell tower rises above the narthex, the middle of which holds the icon The Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. The monumental church and its green surroundings create a unique environment for a souvenir photo.

The Intercession Church is located at Pervomayskaya St., Novoselebnoye village. Tourists can reach it either by car or by train from Tula. To do so, get off at Obolenskoye station.

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Novoselebnoye, Kireyevsky District, Tula Region
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