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Church of intercession

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    The memorial consists of a church, a refectory and a three-storied quaternary belfry, arranged along the west-east axis. The outdoor facades are decorated in the rich Pseudo-Russian style: the facades of the church are partitioned into wide rods and cornices, the walls of the refectory and the base of the church are decorated with pilaster-strips; the windows and entrances are framed with whitestone architraves and portals. There is no information about the construction time and about the commissioner of the church. But it’s known that before 1895 there had been no parish in the village. The details of the building architecture allow dating it by the end of XIX - beginning of XX century.
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    Novoselebnoye, Kireyevsky District, Tula Region
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Novoselebnoye, Kireyevsky District, Tula Region

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