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Bunyriovo, Aleksinsky District, Tula Region
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Indoor swimming pool
SPA centre
The boarding house Шахтер is situated 80 km from Tula (120 km from Moscow), in the ecologically clean forest zone. Its total area is 26 hectares. The territory has everything you need for a comfortable stay. An abundance of flowers, berries and mushrooms will please you in the summer, in the autumn season you can enjoy the warm sun and amazing scenery, and Christmas vacations with snow slides, sleigh bells and frosty air will turn your vacation into a winter Wonderland! Beautiful comfortable cottage on the river Bank is surrounded by pine trees and may be yours at any time. If You are not happy owner of a country residence, rental cottages at any time and for any period are at your disposal. There is big, clean and well-equipped sandy beach at the boarding house "Shakhtar". Here parents can lie in the sun, while children can have fun on the water slides. Fishing enthusiasts will also experience the full delight on the Oka river, because the river is rich in fish, and the boarding house provides all the conditions for its preparation.
There is everything you need for a relaxing stay at the territory of boarding house. There are cozy restaurants with varied cuisine, and a modern sauna, and a landscaped playground. For lovers of active holidays are designed boats, billiards, tennis, rental of sports equipment. Here the whole family will find entertainment for everyone and spent a great time for a friendly Championships! Corporate holiday is one of the main components of a friendly close-knit team and the key to the effective work of the company. According to your individual wishes, the staff of the boarding house "Shakhtar" will arrange and conduct a corporate event at the highest level. Any kind of corporate entertainment from a holiday party at a restaurant to a picnic in the countryside and paintball will be not only good and memorable gift to all the staff, but the key to further productive work. According to your desire vacation can be combined with the seminars, trainings and presentations. For this purpose, the boarding house provides modern conference hall for 80 seats, equipped with everything necessary for productive work: large screen with overhead projector, lectern of the lecturer, the space for the Protocol service, audio equipment. Quickly activate the body's resources will help you, an ancient method proven for centuries. By the end of the corporate event, you will be a real team, because any team needs to spend time in an informal setting!
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