Delimobil car rental

New car rental service Delimobil is now available in Tula and Tula region.

Rental conditions:

  1. 19 years of age or older.
  2. At least 1 year of driving experience.
  3. Driving license, category “B”.
  4. Passport.

It is prohibited to smoke in the car (this applies to any type of cigarettes) and leave litter in the interior. You can transport animals only in closed cages or pet carriers. Moreover, it is prohibited to transport oversize loads in the car.

1. Download the app and register All you need to do is download your passport and driving license photos. This will take you less than 10 minutes!

2. Choose the car you like and book it Navigating over the map, choose the nearest car and book it. From now on you have 20 minutes to reach the car. When 20 minutes are over, online-booking starts. The cost is 2,5 RUB/min.

3. Time to start the trip! Now you can move around Tula and Tula region. If you need to make a stop, simply press “Waiting” button in the app.

4. Finish your trip Finish your trip at the desired place (office, home, shop, etc.), following the driving regulations. The rental cost will be automatically withdrawn from your bank card.

Delimobil App

Delimobil App is available for any iOS and Android devices. To download the App onto your smart phone just click on the link:

Приложение Делимобиль в GooglePlayПриложение Делимобиль в AppStore

Conditions and tariffs

There are two tariffs available:

  • “Base” - from 7 rubles per minute for rental and 2,5 rubles per minute for waiting;
  • “Skazka” - from 8 rubles per minute for rental and 2,5 rubles per minute for waiting;
  • Daily car rental – 1,999 rubles

If the drivers activate the “Base” tariff, they are obliged to pay 30,000 rubles fine if they get into an accident through their fault. This exact price applies to Volkswagen Polo cars, for example. You can always find the full information about the fines for other car models in the App and on Delimobil website.

The “Skazka” tariff offers other conditions: in case of an accident the driver is not responsible for the damaged car.

There is a special card that the driver uses to pay for the fuel. Paid parking around the city is also included into the rental cost. Moreover, Delimobil service remunerates the charges for the windscreen washing liquid.

NOTE: car washing is Delimobil’s responsibility. In case you decide to wash the car the service will not remunerate the washing cost.

You can find the full rental conditions in the Agreement in the App.