Theotokos-Christmas Anastasov Monastery

A snow-white holy monastery stands on the green sloping banks of the placidly flowing Upa River. For seven centuries, this place has been sacred to both the brethren and the parishioners.

The view of the Monastery of Anastasovo is beautiful and the view from its walls is even more beautiful. Magnificent panorama.

It is so quiet here! Swifts nest under the roof slopes. The sweet smell of wildflowers wafts from the meadow. Does paradise look like this? Who knows, but it is extremely pleasant here!

The Monastery of Anastasovo begins its history in the distant 16th century.

The year 1517, Knyaz Vorotynsky repels an enemy raid from the South and decides to establish the Monastery of Anastasovo on his land in honor of this event. Why Anastasovo? The name of the first Father Superior is Anastasius.

In 1673, a new stone Church was built on the site of the old wooden Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God. It is this stone Church that we can see today.

In 1784, the Nativity of the Mother of God Monastery of Anastasovo was abolished and only the parish church remained of it.

In 1917, the power of the proletariat came, and the ancient temple was turned into a vegetable warehouse in 1931. That is how the Monastery of Anastasovo, being gradually emptied, was destroyed. Odoyev lost its brightest attraction. The address of the Church was forgotten.

The second life came to the monastery in 2002, when, by a miracle, the abandoned monastery found its own Father Superior.

Nowadays, monks live and work in the monastery and pilgrims come here from all over Russia. A refectory, a chicken coop, a vegetable garden, a bakery, and a holy spring emerged here.

The monastery's Cathedral is an architectural monument. It has 5 cupolas and additional quadrangles with a dome on each, representing the borders in honor of Barlaam of Khutyn and Catherine of Alexandria. The bell tower has the form of a tent and consists of three tiers.

Everyone who comes to Odoyev, Tula Region, should visit the Nativity of the Mother of God Monastery of Anastasovo. Moreover, the city has the Museum of Filimonovskaya Toys and Honey Farmstead.

Thus, be sure to come for the Grace of Gad, photos, and impressions! We are waiting for you!

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Anastasovo, Odoyevsky District, Tula Region
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