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The Nativity of the Mother of God Convent in Tula is symbolically located at the address: 17Б Mirnaya Street! Unfortunately, not all the time in the life of the convent can be called the same as the street, on which it stands. But everything in order.

Many churches of our vast homeland remained wooden up to a certain point (16th-18th centuries) and only after a few centuries, stone ones emerged in their place. The Nativity of the Mother of God Convent in Tula also underwent such a reconstruction. It was not quite in Tula then! it was the village of Gorelki (which became a part of the city later). The settlement where the convent had been located was assigned to the landowners Ivashkins. The year was 1781. One of the representatives of this family decided to build a stone church for the convent and to disassemble the old wooden one and move it to another estate!

Thus, the convent existed quietly until the revolution, until the Father Superior Archpriest Dmitry Glagolev was taken away in an unknown direction by the Bolsheviks; a bridge was built over the stream from the shrines and the last of the Ivashkins ended his days as a janitor at an arms factory.

It was only in the early 2000s that the convent became active again. A local resident returned the saved icon of the Mother of Theotokos of Tikhvin who protects from hunger and thieves; other parishioners brought the found bells.

Nowadays, The Nativity of the Mother of God Convent (photo above) invites all pilgrims, parishioners, and ordinary tourists to visit its walls! Berth to a quiet pier, renew yourself, and rest your soul from worldly life, vanity, everyday routine, and concerns at least for a moment!
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17Б Mirnaya St., Gorelki, Tula
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