St. John the Theologian temple in Protasovo village

St. John the Theologian temple in Protasovo village фото 1

How the village of Protasovo appeared in the Dubensky district is not known for sure. Historical documents state that in these places, there was a Church of Paraskeva Piatnitsa with a churchyard. The Church was made of wood and later, of stone. It is impossible to say for sure whether it was renamed to St. John the Apostle Church, or whether it is a completely different church.

It is safe to say that the only stone church here is located at the address: Krasnoarmeyskaya Street and Shkolnaya Street Intersection, Protasovo, Dubenskiy District. The last street got its name from the fact that in Soviet times there was a school in the building of the church. In 1991, the holy place was returned to the believers.

When just looking at the photo, we may say that the shape of the church is centric, i.e. we will see a cross from the plane view. The church is made of brick, has four sides (quadrangle), and a drum with a dome has eight sides (octagon). In one place, the forms of architecture are intertwined in various combinations. The church was built of brick in 1894.

How beautiful the blue St. John the Apostle Church looks from the main road! As if a part of the sky has descended to earth to our earthly vanity, calling for repentance! Come to this quiet place and you will forget about the burden of everyday life!
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Protasovo, Dubensky District, Tula Region
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