St. Nicholas Church in Karachevo village

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    If you want to find the quietest functioning Church in Tula Region, let me advise you St. Nicholas Church in Karachevo. The photo shows that it is quite small but with one feature!

    During the heyday of the Russian Empire, the village of Dubna was busy. The great industrialists Mosolovs cast their high-quality cast-iron here! This dynasty was rich in the exploits of its descendants and their wives.

    Thus, in 1865, the landowner Mosolova built a stone church, the parish of which was about one and a half thousand people.

    Three emperors have died since then. After which the power in the state changed, and even twice… All this time, St. Nicholas Church continued its service, paying no attention to what was happening beyond its walls. No one, except those who love Christ, cared about it, which saved it from the enemies of God!

    It even can be said that the fall of the Soviet Union had a negative impact on the number of the parish of the Church! How did this happen? The fact is that in the nineties, many churches, which were more accessible to the believers in terms of location either in Tula or in Dubna, were opened. This Church has been left alone.

    But do not think it is abandoned. This is surely not true! It has its own address! For more than 150 years, services have been conducted here and we offer you to visit them as well!

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    Karachevo, Dubensky District, Tula Region
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Karachevo, Dubensky District, Tula Region

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