Holy Trinity Church (Uzovaya)

The temple - built document on new stone church building in Suponevo village of Bogoroditsk county of Tula government that is 30 fathoms southerly from decayed wooden one was given in 1797.The two altar stone church with the main altar in the name of Holy Trinity and the side- altar in honour of Our Lady of Kazan icon was erected at the expense of a landowner and Leib Guard lieutenant Nikolai Petrovich Titovin 1805. The church was reconstructed repeatedly in 19th century. A project on extension of fratery was made in 1874. The new four- storey bell tower that is more than 20 m high was erected upon the project of an architect Popov in 1889- 1891. The old church started to crumble gradually and needed to be reconstructed. The project on church reconstruction was made in 1896.The construction of the new church finished in 14 years’ time. It was hallowed 23 June, 1910. The church was built in the typical for 19th century Neo Russian (Byzantinesque) style. By that time the number of congregants had increased to 1264 of males and 1296 of females. The residents of the adjacent villages like Kondrovo, Bibikovo, Zavarzino, Gremyachiy Kolodez, Khitrovo, Voyeykovo, Pashkovo, Danilovo and the village of Uzlovaya station were among the congregants. There were two priests and two psalm readers on the staff that lived in the houses on the church attached land that was 3 arpents 1778 sq. plants, plotland – 34 arpents 125 sq. plants, haying land – 1 arpent 437 sq. plants. The wooden chapel, old wain house and two-storey watch-box with stone foot and wooden top part belonged to the church. There were no parochial schools on the premises of the Trinity church – they were replaced by 6 zemstvo schools. 1917 was the tragic time not only in the life of the Trinity church but in the life of the whole society. Social changes were obvious –curacy had narrowed, church property was taken out, the church had started to fell in into decay. TheSupon village was given a new name – Krasnaya Kommuna. The history has retained the names of people who served at those awful, challenging times for future generations. The clergy of a parish consisted of two priests who were called the same – Ioann. The priests of Troitsk wore ball and chain like thousands of citizens all over Russia. The church was closed when the senior priest was taken away in 1937. The time of church breakdown and oblivion had begun for many years to come. The church house was not destroyed down to rock bottom because it was used as a grain store. A new page of the church chronicle was opened in 1989 when it was given back to the believers among the hundreds of profaned churches of the region. 12 June, 1989 is the day of Saints Supreme apostles Petrand Pavel and the day of anew birth of Uzlovaya holy place that is very important for a believer. 17 years had passed since the day of the church altar hallowing. Nowadays there are no signs of abomination of desolation.
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Supon, Uzlovsky District, Tula Region
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