Dmitry Solunsky Church

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When walking and making tourist trips around Tula Region, one never knows where something unusual and out-of-ordinary may be met. However, it is safe to say that there are many such places in the region but their addresses are not always located near well-trodden tourist routes!

One of these places is the Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki. Its architectural solutions are clear, concise, and brilliant! Nothing superfluous but at the same time, it is harmonious and interesting! How incomparable these loggias covered by columns and this massive dome on a narrow strip of the so-called drum are.

The Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki has an interesting history. Before the construction of the stone church, there was a wooden one, which was rebuilt several times. It is also known that the structures of the old church were used in the construction of the new one.

Finally, the local landowner Levshin decided to build the Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki in stone. The church was built for almost 50 years because funds for the construction were allocated only by Levshin and poor parishioners.

It is interesting that the name of the genius architect who built such beauty is unknown!

In 1875, the church was consecrated. Services were held there and people came to pray from 13 neighboring villages.

The Soviet government gave the Church of Demetrius of Thessaloniki to the ravages of time. It is impossible to view a photo of the temple in the 70s without tears. Levshin's tomb was destroyed and desecrated. It seemed that darkness and decay had irrevocably taken this holy place…

The year 2012 came. A patron, once born in this region, went with his head into the restoration of the church. And in 2015, the church became one of the pearls of Tula Region. The walls, the dome, and the iconostasis were restored and a sculpture of the Mother of God appeared in the back landscaped courtyard!
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Pozhilino, Efremov District, Tula Region
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