Uspens-Iversky women's monastery

The most remarkable in terms of beauty and technical equipment was a two-storey building of the Uspeno-Iversky Convent in the village of. Borshchev, built in 1893-1913. This is the first church in the Venevsky district with steam heating and ventilation, which allowed to serve in both temples - the upper and lower - all year round. Vaults and ceilings are made of reinforced concrete by the Moscow firm “Couturier, Bolencourt and Gordenin”. The construction lasted about 20 years, and 100 thousand rubles was spent. There were many opponents of the idea of building such a huge temple in a private village, far from the busy roads. Constantly there was not enough money. But some patronage at the highest level allowed staying the course. The construction was completed due to the efforts of Abbot Flaviana and priest A. Pokrovsky. On the left there is an image of the original view of the temple. It had unique gifts, including those from members of the imperial family. After the construction of the monastery in 1913 Borshchevoye was temporarily renamed into "The village of the Assumption-Iversky Convent". In the basement of the main building there were monastery workshops, which were used mainly for textile products` production. By 1895, there were76 people in the convent. In Veneva on Kazansk street the monastery possessed a large brick house since 1901, it housed 10 novices, engaged in baking prosfor bread. Till now, in Vienna, some families have kept quilted blankets made in the Uspeno-Iversky convent. Despite resistance of the novices, the new government closed the monastery, according to the decree of the Tula Provincial Executive Committee No. 82 of September 7, 1921. The wooden bell tower was dismantled, all the walls and monastic buildings gradually disappeared, in 1958 all five domes were demolished. In 2000 the building was restored. But in a new version the domes of the temple were replaced by tents. Today, the main problem, with which the monastery faced initially, is an absence of large busy highway nearby, which has been resolved, the federal highway "Moscow-Don" (M4) passes directly through Borshchevoye. Since the fall of 2004, the church regularly hosts services.
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Borshchevo, Venyovsky District, Tula Region
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