The temple in honor of icon of Mother of God "life-giving spring"

The church in honor of the Icon of the Blessed Virgin "The Life-giving Spring" in Tula region was founded in 2000, near the grave of the venerable Irinarch. Schema-archimandrite Irinarch died at Christmas time in 1950, but the memory of him is strong among the people of Bogoroditstk, village Tovarkovsky and other villages, as if there were no time gap between the days when he lived on the earth and the present.      Indeed, “Righteous men live eternally”. The name of Schema-archimandrite Irinarch is present in almost every church commemoration list written by the local religious people. He is also often called Irenaeus in the memorials, as before the schema vows the Archimandrite’s monastic name was Irenaeus. That’s why people remember him by that name. Irinarch died in the village Levinka in Bogoroditsk district. He was buried at Levinka cemetery near the graves of his relatives. The grave of Schema-archimandrite Irinarch is looked after by parishioners. It is the place where people can come and tell their woes, as they used to do when he was alive, and then they get peace of mind.
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1A Levinka, Bogoroditsky District, Tula Region
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Divine services are held daily on weekdays: Divine Liturgy at 08:00, on Sundays and public holidays: evening divine services at 16:30, Divine Liturgy at 08:00
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