The historical and memorial museum complex "Bobriki"

The Bobrik-Gora Museum welcomes visitors to show an exposition dedicated to the town of Donskoy, the surrounding wealth of nature, and historical events that took place on this land. There are organized tours, workshops, and entertainment events. The Bobriki Museum includes the wing of the Bobrinsky Palace found in the photo, a park, Holy Transfiguration Church, and an ancient crypt.

What majestic site did Emperor Peter I order to build here? Where did the great Russian river Don originate? Why did young people from all over the Soviet Union come here? The Bobriki Museum, the oldest museum in Tula Region, will tell you the answers to these questions.

Why does the museum have such a name? The local river got its name from animals who built numerous dams on it. The beaver (Russian: bobr) is even found on the coat of arms of the town of Donskoy. The hill by the river, the village, and the entire county got the corresponding name. The most remarkable fact is that the son of Catherine II and Count Orlov received the name Bobrinsky in honor of this area and the estate located here. The Bobriki Museum in Donskoy is housed in a preserved wing. It is all that remains from a palace of the respected and noble family.

In the early 20th century, the Moscow Region coal basin was in the vicinity of the town with large-scale chemical enterprises being built there. The Soviet leaders decided to immortalize all the works and achievements of this large-scale project. In 1933, a museum appeared, which then received the status of local history and lore museum in the 1990s - that was the Bobriki Museum in Donskoy.

Today this historical and memorial complex hosts not only exhibitions, but also quests, quizzes, immersive performances, and interactive events. You may want to attend our workshops on how to make toys and amulets, and cook dishes.

The museum-estate in Bobrik-Donskoy is located at Bobrik-Gora, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 9. Look for ticket prices and additional services at or call +7 (48746) 3-62-44

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9 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Bobrik-Gora, Donskoy, Tula Region
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Сергей 07 September 2021
Интересные экскурсии, как будто побывал в прошлом. Советую к посещению. Остались очень приятные воспоминания.