Moto-auto-art Museum

Someone will find here a piece of the past that evokes the warmest memories. Someone will bring their children here, who will be happy with such a wide variety of machines. Someone will firstly become a fan of motorcycles. Someone will satisfy its practical interest here.

We know one thing for sure, the Museum of Moto Auto Art will not leave anyone indifferent.

The rarest specimens were found everywhere: swamps, abandoned garages, warehouses of perspective models, even the halls of the editorial office of a magazine. The Tula Motorcycle Museum collected them within its walls but it was registered as a museum only in 2014.

This incomparable temple of motor vehicles is located at the address: 12 Koltsevaya Str., Kharino, Tula. You will surely not miss this place because the Museum of Moto Auto Art in Tula is more like an old fortress than the average suburban area. That's why it is a museum! It is bound to attract attention!

However, having found yourself here, you will soon forget about the exterior design and pleasant territory of the museum. Once the door opens you will never forget this place. This is because the Motorcycle Museum in Tula is not just the only one... It possesses the largest collection of motorcycles in Russia.

About four hundred units of rare, (not only!) Soviet motorcycles, scooters, bikes, and mopeds will not leave you a single choice to fall in love with this type of vehicle or not to fall.

The collection kept by the Museum of Motor Vehicles in Tula was carefully and lovingly collected by Leonid Pavlovich at his own expense. Every model has passed through his workshop and most of the exhibits are now functionally sound.

Either the very first serial motorcycle or an absolutely complete collection of all models of the Tula Motorcycle Factory or a flock of opposite "Dneprs" and "Urals" of all stripes will meet you here. Rare models presented here in a single copy are not rare at all, despite such a pun.

There are souvenirs for tourists; it is possible to order a tour. An additional advantage is that here you can literally touch the history of motor construction.

The museum is conveniently located near the M-2 Federal Highway. The Inshinka SPA hotel is located nearby.

Come as soon as possible! You know the address! Take your friends, children, and colleagues with you! No one will leave without positive emotions and cool photos!

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150 — 250 ₽
12В Koltsevaya St., Kharino, Tula
Режим работы
Every day 11:00-18:00, Monday - closed
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Максим 25 August 2021
Очень интересно провели время, получили огромное удовольствие рассматривая редкие удивительные мотоциклы. Основатель музея рассказывает интересные истории!