Museum of history of railway transport at the station Skuratovo

The railway transport museum of Skuratovo station of the Moscow railway was inaugurated on the 4th of October in 2003 in the station building after the station Skuratovo complex had been reconstructed (it is freely open for visits during its working hours). The main exhibits are railway rarities: There are samples of old-fashioned rails, manual switches and a longstanding semaphore, accurate train schedule of 1883 and 1906, samples of a railway uniform of different times, staffs, cockades and "stripes", medals and orders of the past century. There are also railroad tale- and manual lights, some equipment of pre-revolutionary railwaymen and wagonmen. Here you can see an old furniture and miraculously preserved household items - the telephone, used by Gilyarovsky for dictating messages to Moscow about the victims of the Kukuyev disaster in 1882. Some exposition stands are dedicated to Lev Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev and Alexei Skuratov, who is a well-known Russian seafarer, whose name was awarded to the one of the village. The station has obtained its name in honor of the legendary Great North expedition participant, Alexey Ivanovich Skuratov, who owned an estate nearby. There are many outstanding people`s names related to the Skuratovo station in one way or another. In the surroundings of it there were estates of the Tolstoy and Turgenev families, Bezhin Meadow. It is the very place where the first meeting of 2 great Russian writers Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev and Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy took place. During the Great Patriotic War, the Scuratov assembly was also strategic. Here the echelons arrived with tanks, artillery guns, which participated in the heroic Tula defense, and then at the Kursk Bulge. The first Soviet armored train, armed with the most modern jet systems at the time, was also based here. German intelligence believed that the stock was made in America. In fact, everything in the armored train was domestically produced.
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Skuratovo Station Workers' Settlement, Chernsky District, Tula region
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Алексей 20 August 2021
Изумительное здание и прекрасные работники! Будет интересно и взрослым и детям. Рекомендую!
Ксения 31 July 2021
История Щекино и Щекинского района. Все доступно и понятно. Отличное место, водите своих детей, чтобы они знали историю. Работники очень добрые и доступно все объясняют.