The Monument Of I. A. Likhachev

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    A monument to I.A. Likhachov in Venyov (pictured) is installed at the city's railway station in honor of a twelve-year-old boy who left a peasant home to work in workshops. He spent all his youth at the machines of the Putilov Factory in Petrograd, from where he was called to the front of the First World War.

    Residents of the Venyovsky District should be proud of the fact that a man who launched the car industry in the USSR was born on their land. Thus, in 2013, a monument to I.A. Likhachov was erected in the district center.

    An outstanding manager and a talented self-taught engineer from a tiny factory created an incredible ZiS plant. During the Great Patriotic War, he opened enterprises that still exist today: Urals Automotive Plant, Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant, Ulyanovsk Car Plant, and Shadrinsk Automotive Component Plants.

    A monument to I.A. Likhachov is installed at the address: 15 Stantsionnaya Str., Venyov.

    The great manager is buried in the necropolis near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin!
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    Venyov Station, Venyov, Tula Region
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Venyov Station, Venyov, Tula Region