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Romantsevskiye Mountains (Konduki)

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    An object of the highest tourist attractiveness, a signature of Tula and Tula Region, Scandinavia of the Moscow region!!! What place may deserve such words?

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Romantsevskiye Mountains near the village of Konduki!

    Have you heard of this place? If not, you will soon hear because everyone who is within a three-hour drive comes here every weekend.

    Konduki or otherwise Romantsevskiye Mountains is a former open-pit coal-mining quarry. It is possible to tell a long story about the industrial history of this facility but it is not as interesting as the story of what this place has become now!

    Whatever the time of year, the Romantsevskiye Mountains quarry will meet you in its entire splendor.

    In winter, you may ride on the crystal clear and transparent ice surface of the local lakes, surrounded by rocky landscape covered with snow. It seems that you are flying between two steep banks of a Norwegian fjord. Photos are cosmic!

    Summer for Konduki is a time of swimming in the refreshing cleanest lakes, unusual photo-sets on the tops of landfills, and memorable nights in tents with friends under the starry sky. This is indescribable! Your trip here will be the envy of everyone you tell about it!

    Nature impresses with its beauty. Water bodies the Romantsevskiye Mountains are rich in are also impressive in that they have different colors when you look at them from a height.

    The first autumn frosts make everything looks like a Martian landscape.

    If you haven't bought a camera yet, then buy it as soon as possible and let the first pictures on it be the amazing landscapes of this pearl of Tula Region. The address is in the name!

    Konduki is waiting for you! Hurry up to visit Konduki!

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    Konduki, Uzlovsky District, Tula Region
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    IGOR G 28 February 2019

    Красивое место, особенно в хорошую солнечную погоду, нам не повезло, пока добирались пошел дождь. Но все равно обязательно вернемся, здесь здорово, да и рядом много чего интересного. Всем удачи!

Konduki, Uzlovsky District, Tula Region

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