Limestone ledge rocks in the Osetr river-valley

The total area with protective zone is 1,9 hectares. The nature monument is located on the right and left steep slopes of the Osyotr River and is an abandoned limestone quarry, partially overgrown with trees and shrubs. Outcrops show a section of the tarussky and venyovsky horizons of the Lower Carboniferous, composed of organogenic limestones. Being situated in the most picturesque part of the upstream of the Osyotr River at the intersection of "Tula Abatis", outcrops set the landscape on rocky mountainous appearance. Soils are absent in most of the territory. On the gentle parts of the slopes the vegetation cover forms thickets of trees, on steep - calcific plant groups, among which are the moss and lichen sinuses. The flora of higher plants is represented by 200 species, one of which is yellow flax Linum flavum L. – which is listed in the Tula Red Book. The rocky outcrops are the habitats for the specific insect species. There are 75 species of Lepidoptera (butterflies) here. There are 7 species of vertebrate animals, including common viper Vipera berus (L.). The nature monument has an important scientific and educational significance as an example of the Lower Carboniferous limestone outcrop, which is ready for studying the composition of the Lower Carboniferous deposits, and is also of high tourist and recreational value. Every year more than 1000 people visit it individually or as a part of tourist groups.
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2 km to the north-west of Venyov Monastery on the right and left slopes of the valley of the Osyotr River, Venyovsky District, Tula Region
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