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The Holy source of "Twelve Keys" Venev region

Tula Region, Venevsky district, Sviridovo-2
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    "In the village Sviridovo on Sviridovo mountain, between Venevka and Osetretso a man Svirid lived, who had 12 sons. When the youngest in the family became an assistant to his father, they elected Svirid the headman. In 1380, Duke Dmitry Donskoi collected troops for the battle with Mamai. From each village, one in ten men, aged 16 to 40, was taken. There were 120 people in Sviridovo. They argued a lot and decided to draw lots. The lot fell to the sons of Svirid. During the battles, all of them died. Grandfather Svirid went to the field and found them all lying next to each other. The father was furious, he collected their bodies and brought them home, where they were buried under the cherished oak tree in the stunned Osetrets. And the next morning twelve springs were bursting forth from under the mountain. And since then people go to the spring for the heroic might, and the grateful descendants named the village Sviridovo. At present the spring is consecrated and landscaped, a bathing-place is built, and a commemorative cross of the chapel of All Saints is placed. By the way, this cross was made by the stone-cutter V.Talkov, the brother of the singer Igor Talkov. Where the Suhoy Osetrik makes a sharp turn, washing up the left bank and flooding the floodplain on the right, at the foot of a high cliff from the karstic deposits, the transparent gelid springs are knocked out. This spring is called "Twelve keys". How many centuries this spring cannot stop be alive! It flows through Venevka, Osetr and Oka into Mother Volga. Is it not so six centuries ago that Russian forces merged to sweep away the age-old Tatar oppression. In the village Sviridovo the blacksmith Svirid Filippovich lived and had twelve sons. His wife died eight years ago, and since then he himself raised his sons, he never took the stepmother into the house. Now the most difficult thing was over: the youngest son, Ivan, was eighteen, and the elder, Philip, thirty-five. He was a good owner, his cottage was nearby - no worse than his father's. Andrei and Jacob were the first twins. Recently they turned thirty-two. Yefim is thirty, he is on his mind, he lives alone in a farm, but he is hard-working and has made all the good with his own hands. Nikifor and Matvey settled in Serpukhov: one was a leatherworker, and the other got a job as a clerk to a merchant in a shop. Pavel is a blacksmith, a profession long revered in Russia. He is respected and even loved for his uncorruptcy and good nature. Last autumn Spiridon and Timofey married. Svirid Filippovich ran house, he taught his sons to work, but years took their toll, and it was already difficult for him to catch up everywhere. When the second twins were born, the mother fell seriously ill. For three months it was unclear whether she would recover. In the end she recovered, but was very thin, often tired, and so for the rest of her life she could no longer become the same, cheerful and merry Lukerya, although she gave birth to two more sons. One of them is Makar, despite his youth, he already served in the squad of the Moscow duke. The youngest and most beloved in the family was Ivan. His character was like his mother’s: kind, attentive, sympathetic. He loved to dream, but contrary to his nature he wanted to follow in Makar's footsteps - devote himself to the warrior's trade The summer passed, it was time to gather a harvest. Breads approached heavy, eyes rejoiced, looking at the fields, but also the slanting Tartar eye hankered after the Russian fields - a terrible force was coming to Russia. The alarm bell sounded in Russia, the women wailed through towns and villages, escorting their sons and husbands. The Duke of Serpukhov, Vladimir Andreevich, the brother of the Moscow duke, collected troops on their lands. The call also went up to Zvoyka: from the three surrounding villages Zvonki, Sviridovo and Khruslovka, forty men, armed with axes, spears and oak shields, went to Venyev to join the duke's squad going to Kolomna. After dinner Svirid Filippovich quietly left the house and went to the outskirts of the village. The second evening in a row the sunset was blood red. Old lindens at the churchyard under the slanting rays of the sun cast black shadows. Arriving at the grave to his wife, he sat down by the cross. "Rest in peace, Lukerya." I'm sorry that I rarely come, but you can see what kind of time is coming up. Our sons passed away, all of them passed away. Even Ivan left, but he only turned 18. In the morning of September 8, 1380, the Kulikovo field was covered with thick fog. The troops stood five miles away, but did not see each other. Nature seemed to give people a little more time to breathe the humid air of life. All the sons of Svirid Filippovich expressed the desire to fight in the advanced regiment - the rearguard in front of the main forces. A bloody battle lasted all day long! Countless Russian soldiers gave their lives for the victory over the enemy. More than half of the Russian army did not return back. And 12 brothers died hero’s death. ""A week later, the winners returned home. Of forty people who had left a month ago, only seventeen returned, and even eight crippled. They were met by all residents of Zvoyka, Sviridovo and Khruslovka. Ahead of all a hunched old man stood, as grey as a badger. It was Svirid Filippovich. He already knew what had happened, but in every passing warrior he hoped to find one of his sons. All 12 brothers were buried at the foot of a high cliff, and soon a spring was found near that place, which is still called "Twelve keys". And since then people go to the spring for the heroic might, and the grateful descendants named the village Sviridovo. At present the spring is consecrated and landscaped, a bathing-place is built, and a commemorative cross of the chapel of All Saints is placed.
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    Tula Region, Venevsky district, Sviridovo-2
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