Section of feather grass steppe

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The nature monument represents a model area of steppe vegetation - phytocenosis of meadow steppes and limestone expositions, it is a residence of rare plant species and rare insects. The natural boundary is located in the forest-steppe south-eastern part of the Tula region on the high southern and south-western slopes of the terrace on the left bank of the river Krasivaya Mecha. The soils are black-earthed and lixiviate and also ravine-gully turf underdeveloped; medium-loamy in texture. The parent rocks here are loesslike loams, limestones and dolomites. The predominant type of vegetation is the meadow steppe. On the soil-covered slopes the feather grass and feather grass hawks dominate; in the range of associations the desert oatman acts as a subdominant - one of the rarest steppe species of the Tula region. On the outcrops of limestone loach the dominant part is occupied by onecznik branched, onion yellow, cornflower of the Sumy, sedge low, and simple onsoma. In general, the vegetation of steppe areas is characterized by mosaicism, due to the exposure of the slope, the conditions of the microrelief, moisture, and the degree of exposure of the substrate and its character. In general, the flora has a high species diversity. 203 species are registered, of which 19 need protection. The list of insects includes 152 species of Lepidoptera and individual species from other orders. Due to the composition of fauna of Lepidoptera insects the landscape is among the most valuable in the Tula region. Here, a model complex of Lutovo-steppe species is represented, as well as individual forest species, including the ones characteristic of mixed boreal forests. A total of 49 endangered species are represented, including copper-butterflies from the Red Book.
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Left Bank of the Кrasivaya Mecha River, Efremov District, Tula Region
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