Tatinki Tract

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Look into the Don River here! Into this calm, native Russian, Cossack river…

What will you see?

Is it the hair of mermaids?

These thick green strands, waving steadily, will show you the path, along which the Great Don flows away leaving its native home, Tula Region.

Where this fabulous, sacred place is?

What is its address?

Tatinki Tract! Did you find it?

Nature has quickly forgotten human. No trace of 1380 can be found here. The Don and Nepryadva Rivers are clean now. Nothing will remind you of them running towards each other like two scarlet ribbons, more than 600 years ago!

Neither the limestone nor the grass remembers those gunshots in December 1941. Now, it is quiet and happy here, like in Paradise.

But we remember!

This land is sacred to us! And its peaceful life is sacred to us!

Rare grasses grow here: needle grass, locoweed... A bumblebee buzzes here over stachys... Blueweed is scattered here like violet precious stones.

When leaving the Tatinki Tract, take only a photo and an understanding of what Russia means for us with you!
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Left Bank of the Don River, Tatinki, Kimovsky District, Tula Region
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