Vedmino Krasnogoriye (Witch's Red Mountain)

It is located on the left bank of the Krasivaya Mecha River and represents a steep and high slope, intensely indented by short but deep ravines, in the sides of which there is a series of scattered Quaternary, Mesozoic, and upper Devonian outcrops. In the upper part of the slope on the surface, there are picturesque large plates of gray, very strong quartzite sandstones of the upper strata of the Aptian Tier of the lower Cretaceous. In the middle part of the slope, layers of quartz sands and clays with nodules of brown ironstone deposits of the Jurassic system are visible. In the lower part of the slope, in its Eastern part, there is an almost complete section of the Dankovian horizon of the upper Devonian. Vedmino is the old name of the village of Krasnogoriye in the Yefremovsky District. There was such a campaign in these places during the Soviet era, village names discordant or inadequate for the system were renamed. That how the former Vedmino was renamed to Krasnogoriye. However, people who were interested in megaliths still call it Vedmino. This village had got such the name for a certain reason. Here, on the outskirts, sandstone outcrops, which have formed bizarre stone shapes, are located; here and there stones with mysterious holes are "scattered"... Some blocks here exceed the weight and size of the Horse-Stone. Many of them resemble pieces of cheese because they are drilled by deep round cups. All of them were once used for religious purposes. Apparently, there was an entire complex of pagan sanctuaries. Probable it was Baltic tribes, which at the time, settled into the present-day Tula Oblast pretty well. Or these signs on stones are several millennia years old.

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Krasnogoriye, Plavsky District, Tula Region
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Наталья 30 September 2023
Потрясающее место, отдых для души