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Vedmino Krasnogorye

Tula Region, Plavsky District, Krasnogorye Village
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    is situated on the left bank of the Krasivaya Mecha River and represents a steep and high vault, which is strongly indent by short but deep ravines, in which sides there are number of incomplete quaternary Mesozoic and upper Devonian exposures. In the upper part of the slope on the surface, there are picturesque large plates of grey, very strong quantitively sandstones of the upper strata of the Aptian of the lower Cretaceous layer. In the middle part of the slope you can see layers of quartz sand and clays with nodules of ironstone deposits of the Jurassic system. In the lower part of the slope in the Eastern part there is an almost complete breakdown dankowski horizon of the upper Devonian. Vedmino is the old name of village Krasnogorie in Efremovskiy district. There was a campaign to change the discordant or inadequate to the system names of the villages in this place at the Soviet time. That’s why former Vedmino got the name Krasnogorie. However, people who were interested in megalith call it Vedmino as before. The village got such a name not without a purpose. Here on the outskirts are situated the outputs of the sandstones which formed quaint stone shapes, here and there stones with mysterious holes are thrown about. Some of the lumps here exceed Horse-stone in weight and size. Many of them look like a piece of cheese, as they are drilled by the deep round cups. All of them were used once for cult purposes. Apparently here existed the whole complex of the pagan sanctuaries. Possibly here were Baltic tribes, which quite well settled the present land of Tula in theirs time. Maybe these signs on the stones are a thousand years old.
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    Tula Region, Plavsky District, Krasnogorye Village
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