Gremiachy Spring

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    Ten springs run in the region of the village Zibrovo.

    The largest of them is the Gremiachy Spring, named in such a way for the noise coming from it, which may be heard several kilometers away on quiet days.

    Being the source of the creek with a length under 100 m, which feeds the Sazhenka River, the holy spring seems to burst up from the earth.

    The temperature of spring water, which is saturated with silver ions and which cures skin diseases, is constant and amounts to 7.5-8 degrees.

    You may drink it in the heat or immerse in it being sweat, you won't get ill.

    The Gremiachy Spring was consecrated at the same time as the Archangel Michael Chapel.

    The chapel, as well as the covered font, are wooden, built in the Russian architecture style.

    The lumber for their construction was brought from near Arkhangelsk.

    In the quietness broken only by the talk of birds and the noise of the spring, peace and tranquility enter the soul.

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    Zibrovo, Odoyevsky District, Tula Region
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Zibrovo, Odoyevsky District, Tula Region

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