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The hospital complex, Plavsk

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    The hospital complex consists of the main building (1869-1873), houses for physicians, dispensaries and pharmacies (1876), an isolation ward (1895) and ancillary buildings, was laid and built by the dukes Gagarins. The duke bought a piece of land from the merchant Sazonov to build it. The location was very good. It was on the southern slope of the hill, protected from the northern winds. A large park was laid on the northern side of which the Spruce Alley was planted. There were planted trees with curative properties in the park, and it was recommended to the patients to walk there. The paths were covered by red broken bricks, and the edges were decorated with colored stones and white limestone.
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    Ulyanov St., Plavsk, Tula Region
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Ulyanov St., Plavsk, Tula Region

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