Northern Viticulture Manor "Kulakovo"

The "Kulakovo" Manor invites everyone to individual and group tours of young vineyards, which are grown in the Northern latitudes of Russia. Of 30 hectares occupied by the manor, more than 1 hectare of land has already been planted with 28 species of Northern hardy varieties of vineyards.

The road to the manor takes about 30-40 minutes by car from Tula or about 2.5-3 hours from Moscow. In addition, here you may buy farmer's organic products (fresh or frozen vegetables) without the use of any chemicals, visit the mini processing center with an introduction to the main technological chain of vegetable processing.

All guests are welcomed by the charming owner of the manor, a red cat named Trump. No politics! The pet was just found at the station in Dubna on the day of the inauguration of the American President. Trump likes to communicate and happily purrs when he is stroked or picked up).

The excursion time is 1-2 hours on weekdays or weekends. Group - over 5 people. Price - 500 rubles/adult/child. In the territory of the manor, there are toilets and a mini-arcade with a canopy, where free tea parties with Tula gingerbread and vegetables are held.

Pre-registration is required! (Especially for travel agencies with groups of over 40-50 people).

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1,200 m from Yakshino, Dubensky District, Tula Region
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пт-вс с 9-00 до 20-00 (посещения только по предварительной записи)
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