The Mound of Immortality

The memorial "Mound of Immortality" was constructed in honor of the 30th anniversary of the victory in The Great Patriotic war. Along the Avenue leading to the mound, from two sides there are obelisks on which the inscriptions about the fighting here during the Great Patriotic war, units of the 50th army and the first cavalry guards corps participated in the liberation of Kireevski district. Mound of Immortality is made in the form of a hill with a height of 16 metres. There is six-meter triangular steel spire on the top of it. Two 76-mm artillery guns are installed on a concrete pedestal at the mound. There are five mass graves in which about five thousand soldiers who died on 18 November 1941 were buried. They went unarmed column from Uzlovaya in the direction of Tula and almost everyone died. In the centre there is the grave of "a Soldier's heart beats" (metronome, repeating rhythm of the heart). In the solemn days Requiem sounds here (lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky, music by Kabalevsky). In front of Mound there is the eternal flame. To the left of the eternal flame there is the monument to the woman-mother, who stands on her knees, on the right there is the monument to the soldier, bowed his head; the height of the statues are 3 meters. In the anterior frontal stele of the Mound, covered by the image of order of the Red Star, the Book of Fame and the appeal to descendants are immured, at the side of the Central Аlley metal ampoules with earth brought from hero-cities are walled up.
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Tula Region, Kireevsky district, Bykovka village, at the fork of Tula roads - Bogoroditsk, Tula - Novomoskovsk
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Галина 18 February 2024
Сильное место, вызывающее гордость и печаль, а ещё желание - рассказывать и показывать подрастающему поколению - чтобы Помнили....