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Rodniki Ekoparka Cottage Village, Venyovsky District, Tula Region
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  • Description

    Lapochkino Gnezdo is a perfect place to enjoy a cosy and unique atmosphere with your family or friends. It may be enough to wake up in a tree house to get excited about childhood memories. For those looking for an escape from the boring and exhausting city life, this is the place to be. The tree houses at Lapochkino Gnezdo are surrounded by old birch trees. If you look out of the house window, you can enjoy the lake view and maybe see some beavers who like to build dams in this area.


    A stay in a tree house is unlike any other experience. The house is reliably bound with trees. If the wind is strong, guests will be able to feel the house move along with the birch trees. This is the best place for travellers who are in love with nature, couples, families with children, and outdoor enthusiasts.

    Lapochkino Gnezdo is located four meters high from the ground. As soon as the guests go inside the house, they will find a huge panoramic window, a fireplace, and comfortable sofas with pillows. The wood burning in the fireplace is maybe the perfect moment to cuddle and relax. All surfaces are made of natural solid wood. A modern heating and air conditioning system will make your stay comfortable. Well, anyway, the best descriptions of this place are found in guest reviews and photos on our website www.дом-на-дереве.com .

    Meal Options

    The fridge has fresh toast bread, home-produced eggs, and natural butter. This farm breakfast is included in the price.

    The tree houses at Lapochkino Gnezdo are equipped with a modern kitchen, which has everything you need to cook lunch or dinner. Groceries can be purchased in the neighbouring village of Mordves.

    Besides, guests can use the mangal unit near the tree house to cook meat. Oak and birch firewood is provided in unrestricted quantity.

    Places of Interest

    Hotel Lapochkino Gnezdo is located in Venyovsky District of Tula Region, which means that several places of interest are available nearby.

    For example, if you spent the night in a tree house, then you can spend the second one in a cave. This type of recreation is available in Byaki, quarries of the 16th century. Be careful though, the place is very dangerous, and you will need an experienced guide at all times.

    Tourists also can visit the Holy 12 Springs and the charming town of Venyov with its huge Nikolaevskaya bell tower, the railway museum, and von Meck's estate.

    Hotel Lapochkino Gnezdo is located 77 km from Tula in18 Lesnaya St., Village Malaya Uvarovka, Venyovsky District. To find us faster, look through prices and book a room, please call : 8-906-740-44-64.

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    Rodniki Ekoparka Cottage Village, Venyovsky District, Tula Region
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