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Lanshinsky, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
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Guliai Gorod Country Club is a large entertainment facility built on a river bank. It is styled as a glamping resort. Facilities of this format have gained popularity recently because they combine closeness to nature characteristic of camping sites, and a high level of comfort characteristic of hotels. To see what Guliai Gorod can offer its guests, its advantages have to be given a closer look.


Tula Region has few facilities that can offer as many options for accommodating guests as Guliai Gorod Park Hotel. There are economy class options for one-night stay as well as spacious duplex suites. It doesn’t matter which one our guests will choose. In any case they will have a full experience of our hospitality, exceptional comfort and be able to take amazing photos where they will be spending their vacation or weekend.

Guliai Gorod Glamping Resort. Although not the only one, it is the most popular accommodation format in our recreational center. As soon as it gets warm enough outside, there appear spacious tents with terraces and wide beds. A refrigerator, a shower, electrical connectors, wooden furniture, picnic sets etc. are already provided for all glamping residents. It is arguably the most romantic type of accommodation because the entrance to the tent always faces the sunset.

Guliai Gorod Capsules. The future is already here because our guests can take one of the capsules that could fit right in on Mars or the Moon. Unlike their sci-fi counterparts, Guliai Gorod capsules are made not of plastic or aluminum but natural materials. Also, instead of viewports showing only moon soil, there are panoramic windows with a view of the river.

Guliai Gorod Hotel. As cold season sets in, the recreational center doesn’t shut down because it has a hotel building with cozy rooms. Everything necessary for a comfortable stay is close at hand: a shower room, a TV set, a desk, some wardrobes, good furniture and, naturally, a large balcony to have breakfast on with a view of the Oka River.


Russian cuisine with a unique presentation of dishes will be perfect both for Instagram photos and as a way to spend time having a delicious meal. The restaurant consists of four locations:

  • Irish Pub with beer and darts;
  • summer terrace with a view of stunning landscapes;
  • Hall with Fish for smaller banquets;
  • main hall decorated in shades of pistachio.

The restaurant offers advance orders and room service. Moreover, you can rent a charcoal grill at the reception desk to cook meat yourself in the open air.

Services and Entertainment

Board and lodging are only 50 % of what Guliai Gorod can offer its guests. Outdoor entertainment, sightseeing tours, hiking and master classes are in high demand among our guests.

Entertainment near water. Guliai Gorod Glamping Resort has a significant advantage — there is a river nearby. It means that our guests have access to powerboating, boating, jet skiing and standup paddleboarding. Moreover, many guests choose our bank for fishing.

Hiking. The nature of the Zaoksky region is perfect for lovers of hiking. Here you can follow pre-arranged routes on foot or a bicycle. If you use a guide, there is a chance to visit spots richest in mushrooms and berries in the surroundings of the recreational center.

Tours. There are sights around the recreational center. To visit them, you can order a moderately priced comprehensive tour. Our guests can visit:

  • museum of V. F. Rudnev, captain of cruiser Varyag;
  • Dvoryaninovo estate of the legendary scientist A. T. Bolotov;
  • Polenovo Museum-Reserve — estate of the great Russian artist;
  • Prioksko-Terrasny nature reserve with real bisons.

Guliai Gorod is situated at Lanshinsky Settlement, Zaoksky District, Tula Region. For accommodation prices, feedback and more details, please visit www.гуляй-город.рф. To book a room, learn about upcoming events, or book an event, please call 8-977-358-18-15.

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