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Guliai Gorod Glamping Resort

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Lanshinsky, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
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  • Description
    The summer town on the banks of the Oka River welcomed its first guests in the summer of 2016. Wooden platforms and safari tents were used for its construction. And a new definition, "glamping," was added to the old expression "guliai gorod," which means a fast-building construction of carts and shields. "Glamorous" and "camping" have merged into one. These are not camping tents anymore; here are beds, furniture, and electricity but not stationary houses yet. Such a comfortable unity with nature. Meat on the grill, soup on the fire, awakening accompanied by the singing of birds, and walk on a raft or kayak. At the same time, accommodations are cozy and hot water supply is nearby.

    In the spring of 2018, in addition to glamping, a restaurant and hotel complex opened here. A cozy hall with an open veranda and views of the Oka River; several rooms, from a single fisherman one to a two-tier family suite. There is also a living room with a library, billiards, Irish pub, and fireplace room. This is for guests who love a country holiday but cannot imagine themselves without the comfort and amenities of the twenty-first century. It is customary to walk barefoot on the green grass but wi-fi and refrigerator are mandatory.

    Thus, the temporary summer town turned into a small country club for guests who prefer a leisurely pastime over the life according to a strict schedule, who do not feel good during so-called "mass vacation" among hundreds of other vacationers.
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    Lanshinsky, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
    +7 (495) 118-30-56
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