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24 Proletarskaya St., Yasnogorsk, Tula Region
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Coming across a good hotel in a province is great luck. Guests’ feedback sometimes gives ruthless proof for that. However, guests of Yasnogorsky District are lucky because Fortune Hotel opened here. European quality of service for an affordable price is the hotel’s main advantage, but not the only one.


Until 1965, the town of Yasnogorsk was called Laptevo and was one of the Russian Empire’s agricultural centers. There was not only a railway station shipping over 200 pounds of grain, but also the Golovin brothers’ large factory supplying the Empire with ploughs and other agricultural tools. More amazing stories, antique photos, and artifacts from the past can be found in the local museum of regional studies.

During the Great Patriotic War, it was Laptevo that the 49th Army moved out to strike against the Wehrmacht’s forces that were trying to close the circle around Tula. Due to a vehement attack supported by the defenders of the City of Masters, the enemy army was repelled to the previous position. In commemoration of brave feats, the Yasnogorsk land has a great number of memorials.

But the main feature of this area is fresh air. Yasnogorsky District is considered a recreational area in Tula Region, free from large industrial enterprises.

It will be convenient for a tourist to stay overnight in Yasnogorsk because from here it takes the same short amount of time to get to Polenovo, Dvoryaninovo and Tula’s major sights.


Fortuna Hotel offers its guests 3 room categories at attractive prices:

  • Standard Double for two guests;
  • Family Suites for four guests;
  • Deluxe Suite with a living room, an interior garden, and a panoramic roof.

All rooms have a shower, a desk, a TV set, a refrigerator and upholstered furniture.


Fortuna Hotel offers its guests to have refreshments or a full lunch, or spend an evening in the restaurant of the same name or the Fregat Bar. All guests are served breakfast between 8.00 am and 10:00 am. From 12:00 to 16:00, you can have a business lunch. Moreover, at the Fortuna Restaurant you can order food to be delivered to your room at a convenient time. Evenings at Fregat Bar are marked with game broadcasts or lively parties.


Fortuna recreational center offers its guests a sauna and a salt therapy room, which, along with Yasnogorsk revitalizing air, positively influence the body. Both the restaurant and sauna are situated on the hotel premises, that’s why Fortuna’s chef will help create a delicious feast for sauna lovers.

To make a sauna reservation and book a room, please call 8 (953) 967 13 47. Fortuna Hotel is situated at 24 Proletarskaya Street, Yasnogorsk, Tula Region.

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