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Pilgrim Center of the Transfiguration Holy Cross Monastery

1 Preobrazhenskaya St., Belyov, Tula Region
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  • Description

    The pilgrim center of the Transfiguration Holy Cross monastery of Belyov is located near the very monastery. It offers ordinary rooms (categories: “Hostel” (for eight persons, bunk beds), 6 rooms; “Standard,” for two and four persons, 3 rooms; (“Suite”), of superior comfort, for two persons, 3 rooms with all the amenities for living).

    Donation for staying in the “Hostel” rooms is from 300 to 350 rubles for a person per day; rooms of the “Standard” category are 800 rubles for a person per day; rooms of the “Suite” category are1,500 rubles for a person per day.

    The pilgrim center has all the conditions for a comfortable stay of Orthodox pilgrims and guests of the city: there are comfortable bathrooms and spacious showers on each floor. Rooms are warm and cozy. The refectory is located on the ground floor.

    There is also a large monastery conference hall for 100 persons with a comfortable dressing room and a seating area. The hall has video and audio equipment.

    Only a passport is required to check into the pilgrim center.

    The monastery and the pilgrim center are located not far from the old bus station “Belyov” and near the main street in Belyov, Karl Marx street, in the historic part of the district center.

    Belyov may be visited by bus from Moscow. Buses depart every day from the bus stations at the Krasnogvardeyskaya and Tepliy Stan metro stations. From the Tepliy Stan bus station, buses depart every day at 8:50 am and at 2:50 pm. From the Krasnogvardeyskaya bus station, buses depart daily at 2:50 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is possible to depart from these bus stations to Belyov at 9:15 pm. A ticket price is 700 rubles.

    The distance from Moscow to Belyov is 286 km and 115 km from Tula to Belyov.

    Regular buses depart from the Tula Bus Station to Belyov every two hours. The travel takes a little more than 2 hours.

    It is also possible to get to Belyov from Orel by s regular bus, which departs on Fridays at 6.30 pm and on Sundays at 8.00 pm.

    If one decides to travel from Kaluga, it is possible to get to Belyov through Kozelsk. It takes an hour by bus or by car. Buses depart every Friday and Sunday.

  • Contacts
    1 Preobrazhenskaya St., Belyov, Tula Region
    +7 (915) 789-11-29
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