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201 km of the Moscow – Crimea highway, Grumant Village, Shchekinsky District, Tula Region.
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Grumant Park Hotel is one of the best places for out-of-town recreation in Tula Region. The complex covers 30 Ha and offers its guests comfortable accommodation, premium services, and a diverse choice of places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Moreover, Grumant Park Hotel is situated on land of historical significance for the residents of Tula and Tula Region. Because the hotel premises are far from industrial centers of the region, every guest can feel the effect of nature that is beneficial for their system. It is not for nothing that people leave only positive feedback about this place and want to come back here time and again.

History of Grumant Village

Over the period of the 1917 Revolution and the Civil War, Russia lost its influence in many regions of the world. One of them was Spitsbergen Island. Even though that land was never part of the Russian Empire, historically it was managed by the Russian Pomors of Arkhangelsk Governorate. But how are the distant Spitsbergen and Tula’s Grumant connected?

Thing is, the island was part of the Russian state as early as during the reign of Vasili III and its name was Grumland. In 1798 His Majesty the Emperor Paul I sends the new governor Nikolay Volkonsky to Arkhangelsk. Over a year of service in a position of such responsibility, the talented planner and battlefield general Volkonsky got to know all nooks and crannies of Arkhangelsk Governorate, even as remote as Grumant. Upon his return to his birthplace, Nikolay Volkonsky engaged in developing his estate that included several villages. One of them, the farthest from the manor house, he named Grumant in commemoration of the far-away Arkhangelsk land. The generals’ estate was called Yasnaya Polyana, and Nikolay Volkonsky himself was the grandfather of the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy.


Today, near the village is Grumant Park Hotel, where guests come from different parts of Russia and abroad every day. Usually, tourists stay for a few days. That is why Grumant Hotel offers 9 lodging options in rooms and 9 accommodation options in separate suites. Such a diversity makes it possible for guests to decide on a suitable level of comfort and price.

In every room, guests will find a set of towels, a set of toiletries, a TV set, a minibar, a desk, and a wardrobe. The price of accommodation also includes a parking space, breakfast, a visit to the Grumant stable and the Museum of Samovars and Bouillottes.

Grumant Hotel has a 120-room inventory with various areas, from small rooms to duplex suites. Exquisite design and a high level of comfort really make guests think that they have come to vacation in a nobleman's countryside estate.

Services and Entertainment

Grumant Hotel offers its guests a broad range of activities on the premises of over 30 ha. Arguably, no other place in the region has as much entertainment and as many services as here. Besides, all of the park’s locations provide breathtaking photo opportunities.

Vacation near water. In the heart of the Grumant park, there is a large pond where guests can fish or ride boats and catamarans. Furthermore, here you can book a gazebo with a charcoal grill to experience the whole allure of an outdoors vacation.

Outdoor recreation. Guests can get a dose of adrenaline and vivid impressions from four-wheeling on difficult terrain.

Game sports. Hotel guests can rent different sports equipment and go to a football pitch, a tennis court, or a volleyball court.

Sights. Tula is famous not only for weapons and pryaniks, but also samovars. Precisely, one of the largest collections of legendary water heaters is housed on the premises of ‘Grumant’ in the Museum of Samovars and Bouillottes. Moreover, a mere 3 km away from the hotel is the legendary Yasnaya Polyana, Leo Tolstoy’s estate.

SPA. To achieve comprehensive relaxation and alleviate accumulated fatigue, a SPA center with a fitness facility and a swimming pool is open to Grumant guests.

Wintertime recreation. When nature’s colors start to fade, Grumant Park Hotel becomes the heart of diverse wintertime entertainment: it offers quests near a snow fortress, skiing, snowmobile and dog sled riding, etc.

Horseback riding. On the premises of Grumant there is an equestrian center of the same name with a hippodrome. Everyone interested can visit it, ride horses, see how the stable is arranged, and even attend a show-jumping contest.

Board. Grumant has as many as six places where guests can have breakfast, lunch or dinner and even hold a big official banquet. At guests’ disposal are Grumant Restaurant, a summer restaurant, a cellar with pickles and infusions, a bowling bar, a phyto bar, a lobby bar, a bar at the equestrian club, and a banquet hall.

Grumant Park Hotel is situated at Shchekinsky District, Grumant Village. To book a room, and look at photos, prices, and feedback, please visit For event planning, please call +7 (4872) 50-50-50.

201 km of the Moscow – Crimea highway, Grumant Village, Shchekinsky District, Tula Region.

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