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Senino Park Hotel

Senino Village, Malakhovskoye Settlement, Zaoksky District,Tula Region
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  • Description

    Senino Park Hotel is a stylish haven for outdoor recreation located in a pine tree forest on the border between Moscow Region and Tula Region. As experience shows, it is most often visited by families or coworkers to trade the hustle and bustle of the city for a quiet spot surrounded by pine trees.

    Senino recreational center has an interesting feature: the old Russian river of Skniga flows by it. In the 17th century, this land was famous as the birthplace of the Russian metallurgy. At present, when the Skniga overflows, catamaran rafting and kayaking enthusiasts congregate here because the challenging winding water route is over 50 km long.

    However, rafting is not the only reason to come here.


    Why is Senino Park Hotel an excellent location for corporate events and weddings? Because it can accommodate 140 guests. And the guests can pick between hotel rooms and a spacious cottage. Senino Hotel offers its guests the following accommodation options:

    Standard Double. The most inexpensive accommodation option with twin beds, a desk, two comfortable chairs and a coffee table.

    Double-Room Family Suite. Almost the same as the previous one, but with a queen bed and a sitting area with an upholstered sofa. An excellent choice for couples.

    Double-Room Comfort Suite. A spacious accommodation option where guests have, beside a large bed, a refrigerator and a pull-out sofa.

    Cottage. The most popular option with guests, it is a standalone house where 5 people can stay. Stylish, cozy cottages with a large fully-featured kitchen, a dining area, which you can rent all year round!

    The price of accommodation includes breakfast and access to all locations owned by Senino Park Hotel. For the youngest guests, we offer cribs and high chairs.


    Senino Park Hotel has a café of the same name. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served based on a set menu including Russian, European and home-style cuisine. Food can be ordered to be served at a convenient time.

    Moreover, Senino offers banquet halls for 200 seats, a restaurant hall and a café and bar with billiards, children’s corner and TV sets to watch games.


    Apart from the standard suite of hotel services, Senino Hotel offers its guest the following:

    • sports equipment rental because there is a football pitch, a tennis court and a volleyball court here;
    • tours to Dvoryaninovo, Polenovo, Yasnaya Polyana, the museum of the captain of the cruiser Varyag;
    • snowmobile, sled and ski rental;
    • hiking along tourist trails in Senino’s environs;
    • yoga, a healthy spine course.

    Senino Hotel is situated at Senino Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region. To find us on the map, please enter these coordinates: 54.737815, 37.521787. Photos, feedback and prices can be found on the website For room reservations, banquet and corporate event planning, please call 8-800-77-00-495.

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    Senino Village, Malakhovskoye Settlement, Zaoksky District,Tula Region
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