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Epifanovo Podvorye animal and bird zoo

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    The park of birds and animals "Epifanovo podvorye" is located next to Komissarovka village on the shore of the old landowner's pond in the vicinity of the State Museum of Military History and Natural Preserve "The Kulikovo Polye". "Epifanovo podvorye" is a farm with a permit for keeping and breeding zoo animals. The zoo began with a house poultry house, where the main bird was a goose. Epifan is a place where goose fights were cultivated in the past and people kept exclusively fighting breeds of geese. Now there are no goose fights here, but the passion for breeding a powerful and proud bird has remained. Geese at the zoo live in a separate large enclosure on the shore of a picturesque pond. However, the Epifanskiy zoo offers a large embarrassment of riches. Next to the goose kingdom there is a deer aviary, a little further – a paddock for lamas. Throughout the territory of the farmstead there are ostriches, lynxes, raccoons, ponies, pheasants, Cameroon goats; and rabbits freely run here. To catch these charming creatures, you need to have a fair amount of skill. A trip to an unusual zoo can be combined with an excursion to the Kulikovo Battlefield Museum. A pointer to "Epifanovo Podvor'ye" is set on the road on the way to the battle field.
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    Komissarovka Village, Kimovsky District, Tula Region (3km from Epifan Village)
    +7 (930) 840-91-91
    In fall and winter 09:00-17:00; In spring and summer 09:00-20:00 Mon - closed
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    Лидия 21 October 2021
    Невероятное многообразие животных и птиц. Очень понравилось. Смотрели полтора часа. Очень понравились рыси, филин, львы, еноты, олени.
Komissarovka Village, Kimovsky District, Tula Region (3km from Epifan Village)
+7 (930) 840-91-91
вт-вс 09:00-20:00

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