Cafe of the Kulikovo Field Museum Complex

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Cafe of the Kulikovo Field Museum Complex фото 1 Cafe of the Kulikovo Field Museum Complex фото 2
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Kulikovo Field Museum Complex, Mokhovoye, Kurkinsky District, Tula Region
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Office hours
winter working hours (January 2 - March 14/November 15 - December 30) 10:00-17:00, December 31 - closed; - off-season working hours (March 15 - April 14/October 15 - November 14) 10:00-18:00 seven days a week; summer working hours (April 15 - October 14) 10:00-19:00 seven days a week; the last Monday of each month - sanitary day.
Average bill
300 Р
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Our cafe is located in the building of the visitor reception center of the Kulikovo Field Museum Complex in Mokhovoye, which is one of the Central Facilities of the State Military-Historical and Natural Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field." The cafe is waiting for visitors to feed delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner from 10 am. The menu offers large portions of dishes of traditional Russian cuisine and reasonable prices.

Acquaintance with the history of the Middle ages in the Museum may be supplemented by tasting one of the three options of thematic dishes: the Russian warrior lunch with pottage, rasstegai, and farro porridge, the lunch of the Genoese with vegetable soup and lasagna, or the lunch of a noble member of the Golden Horde with bozbash and pilaf. It is better to order these dishes in advance to reduce the waiting time.

In our cafe, one can celebrate an important event. We accept orders for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, as well as corporate events for up to 100 guests. Lunch or dinner may be arranged in the main hall of the cafe or in the territory of the Complex. There is everything needed to organize banquets,  buffets, and barbecues.

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