Estate Kireevsky in the village of Krasino is Ubilejnoe

Estate Kireevsky in the village of Krasino is Ubilejnoe фото 1
The first known owner of Krasino-Uberezhny estate was the nobleman Mikhail Petrovich Travin. In the end of the XVII century he built a wooden house and a wooden church in the Old-Russian style, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Later, in the middle of the XVIII century, the estate was bought by Nikita Yakovlevich Kireyevsky, a military governor from Kashira, and became the Kireyevsky family seat. In place of the old wooden house he built a two-story stone palace with walls more than a meter thick. There was a linden alley descending to the Oka. Behind the house and near a maple park was arranged. The house in Krasino-Uberezhny was the first civil stone building of the European style in the entire district. Even in Kashira, the center of the county, all civic buildings were built of wood. The house was twice rebuilt dramatically. In the beginning of the XIX century it was renovated in the then-fashionable English style. It was interesting that, despite this fact, the original stone building of the XVII century was preserved: it was included in the further additions and rebuilding. There is an old refectory of one hundred square meters with vaulted stone ceilings in this part of the house. It is quite cool in this refectory even on the hottest summer day, as if a powerful air conditioner were working here. Now you can only imagine the main decoration of the palace, the large architraves on the main floor. There was a school in the two-storey building until the mid-1980s, and then the main house and household buildings became private property. The new owner has been restoring the estate for several years trying to preserve its historical integrity. For example, he has managed to restore the staircase, fragments old slabs, single remaining old larch floorboards were supplemented with similar new ones. The present owner has restored not only the house, but also the entrance gate and the wing; the water springs have been cleaned and the park improved. The nature around is magnificent and the river is nearby.
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Krasino-Uberezhnoye, Yasnogorsky District, Tula Region
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