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Odoyev fest of pottery and clay toy

Main square, Odoyev, Tula region

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    The main square of Odoyev will once again turn into a bright fabulous glade on July 20, 2019! Glade where creativity, skill and talent are particularly everywhere! The fest will bring together over a hundred of the best masters of traditional clay and designer toys, potters and ceramists from various parts of Russia to demonstrate their talent and skills. And the vocal folk tone will be created by unique folklore and choreographic groups from all over the region.

    Pottery skill and toy talent will unfold under the melodious sounds on the square! Folk clay toys in Russia are very common but in each region they have their own, special style. Here you can see the Pleshkovo and Chernysheno toys from Orel region, “fruitful” Khludnevo toy from Kaluga region, “rich” Romanovo toy from Lipetsk region, monumental Skopin toy from Ryazan region and many others. Hard to list all of them. Each toy hides its own story, legend, fairy tale about which craftsmen will gladly tell. Tula masters also have something to attract attention: mannered Tula city toy, traditional Bogoroditsk toy, gentle YasnayaPolyana one and the sunny mistress of the holiday - the clay toy from the famous village of Filimonovo.

    The program of the holiday includes the largest master-class on the simultaneous production of the clay bird of happiness, designer’s master classes from Russian craftsmen, folk dance on the main square, games and competitions, interactive tours to Filimonovo Toy Museum and the Museum “Into Childhood. Soviet industrial toy”, classic insight to the glorious past of Odoyev (to the Sobornaya Mount (Cathedral Mount) and the merchant city). “Mail of grandpa Filimon” will work on the main square so guests may purchase and send greeting postcards from Odoyev throughout Russia!

    We are sure that he guests and participants of the fest will not remain indifferent! After all, the clay and the master’s talent affect the deepest strings of the soul, give the warmth of the heart of folk whistles and probably make us all a little bit kinder. Since the ancient times the primary source of the TOY creation were the brightest and purest feelings: motherly love, child care, admiration for the Sun and the praise of life. And the fest “The tales of grandpa Filimon” will end with the sound of bells and a health resort to the talent of Russian people!

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    Main square, Odoyev, Tula region

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