Temple of the Holy image of Our Lady of Kazan

Temple of the Holy image of Our Lady of Kazan фото 1
A functioning church the altars of Kazan icon of the Blessed Virgin and St. Nicholas Architectural style: Baroque Year of construction: 1770. & laquo; The slender silhouette of the Kazan Church (1770) appears over the grove a few kilometers from the village, which is located on a small tributary of the river Skniga. You come closer and find yourself in front of a monumental and elegant building. There is nothing fundamentally new in its architecture, everything is familiar: a high quadrangle with two tiers of windows, an octagon with a miniature bay window and a figured cupola, a faceted altar apse. Originally there was a refectory & hellip; The design and forms, which the architect of the Kazan church turned to, had been used many times in the church architecture of the XVIII century. And still, he made some subtle difference, just a little bit. It is known that tradition becomes dead and devalued in the hands of a tinker. It’s quite different when a true artist follows this tradition. For him tradition is a solid basis, fertile soil for creativity, free from unnecessary preparatory work, senseless search for new formal techniques and expressive means. Let me repeat, in the architecture of the Kazan Church there is nothing new, no foretaste of future developments in architecture; it is traditional… and just beautiful. The possibility of creativity is limitless, the path of perfection is boundless. The architecture of the monument in Savinsky is not an isolated phenomenon in the artistic heritage of Tula. We can outline the range of works which are close to it, determine the distinctive artistic environment that existed in the 60-80s of the XVIII century in Tula region. The name of the talented architect Kuzma Sokolnikov, who adorned Tula with beautiful monuments of architecture, is worth mentioning. However, he was not the only one who worked on the vast territory, and we are far from thinking to attribute the Kazan Church to his work. But it was this artist who generated the main trends of the local architecture, he expressed these ideas in the most vivid artistic form and contributed to their wide distribution. Nowadays there are very few churches with characteristic features of Tula architecture. Perhaps, there are only two monuments which are close to Savinsky (the village belongs to Aleksin district): St. Nicholas Church in the village Fomischev и St. Nicholas Church in Aleksin
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Savino, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
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