The Rudnev Museum in Savino

The Rudnev Museum in Tula Region is located at Savino Village, 43. To get there, you can drive along the M2 federal highway and turn at the junction of the 120th kilometer towards the Old Moscow Road, which is now called 70K-024. Between the old and new routes from Tula to the Russian capital, you will find a village of the captain of the legendary cruiser Varyag. Here he spent the last years of his life. The village has the Church of the Kazan Mother of God, and Vsevolod Rudnev’s grave and museum.

Vsevolod Rudnev was a talented student. He was enthusiastic about the service, and went from a senior non-commissioned officer to a captain of the first rank in 25 years. In 1902, Rudnev was appointed the captain of the cruiser Varyag, commanding which he fought the superior forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1904.

Visitors to the Rudnev Museum in Savino will learn a detailed story of the Russo-Japanese War through exhibits and interactive panels, get to know the details of the legendary ship battle of Varyag and Koreyets in the Chemulpo Bay. The second part of the exposition shows some aspects of Vsevolod Rudnev’s life, thus immersing the visitors into his lifestyle and career development as an officer of the Russian Imperial Navy.

The Rudnev Museum underwent serious changes in 2020. Now it has a public garden, where you can relax in a gazebo and breathe in the healing air of Zaoksky areas. Visitors are advised to bring flowers to lay on the grave of the famous Varyag cruiser captain, paying tribute to his memory.

Every summer a music festival, Under St. Andrew’s Flag, is held in front of the museum, where musicians from Moscow, Tula, and Ryazan perform marine songs while workshops and various exhibitions are open to visitors.

We recommend those who want to visit the museum of Vsevolod Rudnev in Zaoksky District to include in their list the State Memorial Historical, Art and Natural Museum-Reserve of Vasily Polenov and the Museum-Estate of Andrei Bolotov, Dvoryaninovo.

Before visiting, please check the opening hours and ticket prices on the website of the Tula Museum Association or call 8 (48734) 4-15-29. As a rule, the exposition is open every day from 9:00 to 17:00 except Monday.

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Savino, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
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Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00
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Теймур 26 May 2021
Маленький и атмосферный музей. Красивые места вокруг. Для любителей военно-морской темы самое то. Экскурсия очень интересная.