Museum of Rear Admiral V.F. Rudnev

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    The museum of Rear Admiral Vsevolod Fedorovich Rudnev in the village of Savino, Zaoksky area, was founded for visitors on February 9, 2004, to the 100th anniversary of the heroic deed of the crews of the cruiser Varyag and the gunboat "Korean" in battle near Chemulpo (Korea) during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Russian sailors entered into battle with superior enemy forces, ready to die, but not to lower the Andreevsky flag, having exhausted all combat resources, the commander decided to flood the cruiser and blow up the cannon. The museum has the name of the leader of the battle, the commander of the legendary cruiser Varyag&rdquo ;, Vsevolod Fedorovich Rudnev (19 (31) .08.1855-7 (20) .07.1913), representative of a poor but ancient Tula noble family, a hereditary naval officer whose ancestors served the Fatherland under the St. Andrew's flag for more than 200 years. The main exposition and exhibition areas of the museum include two adjacent halls: a large round, and a small, so-called, wardroom. The exposition is dedicated to the feat of the crews of the cruiser "Varyag" and the boat "Korean". Annually there are solemn events in the museum dedicated to the heroism of the crews of the Varyag cruiser and the Korean gunboat in the Battle of Chemulpo On February 9, Memorial Day of V.F. Rudnev, commander of the cruiser “Varyag” on July 7, Navy Day in the last Sunday in July, the Day of the Conscript in the campaigns of the spring and autumn appeals, and other military-patriotic events. The most significant achievement in the exhibition work of the museum of V.F. Rudnev is a participation in the international exhibition project "Return of the Varyag", initiated by the Charity Fund "Cruiser" Varyag "", the provision of items that personally belonged to the commander of the legendary cruiser (2007).
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    Savino, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
    +7 (48734) 4-15-29
    Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00; Mon - closed; last Wednesday of the month - sanitary day
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Savino, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
+7 (48734) 4-15-29
Tue-Sun 09:00-17:00
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