Holy Saviour Church

In addition to the village, the parish includes the counties: Yakovlevskaya or Novaya Derevnya, Aleksandrovka and Granskye Vyselki; the latter entered the parish only in 1878, and until that time they were in the parish of the country Granok. All the parishioners 1114 m. and. 1141 f. The temple and was built in the name of the All-Merciful Savior and made of stone. It was erected in 1813 by the care and support of the landowner Sergei Mikhaylovich Vlasov; at the church there are two side-chapels in the name of Alexander Svirsky and Dimitry Rostovsky: the first was built at the same time as the temple, and the second was built by Princess Alexandra Ivanovna Bagration and consecrated in 1834. In place of the former church there is a chapel. In favor of the temple there was a capital of 815 rubles. The clergy of the parish consists of a priest and two psalmists. There is a church land: 1.5 d. of farmstead, 30 d. of arable land, 3 d. for haymaking and inconvenient. At the church there are two alms-houses provided with capital: one for 12 people and the other for 6. In 1893 a school of reading and writing was opened.
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Tsentralnaya St., Spasskoye, Novomoskovsk, Tula Region
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Divine services are held weekly: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Divine Liturgy at 08:00; evening divine service at 16:45; Sundays and public holidays: Late Divine Liturgy at 09:00
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