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    Lysaya gora (bald mountain) is a name for a hill or mountain with sparse vegetation, which is open on all sides and windswept. In Russia such places were associated with witchcraft and supernatural. According to legends, witches and other fairytale creatures regularly gathered on bald mountains and held their Sabbath. Scientists exploring these hills came to conclusion that such places are powerful geopathic zones, pieces of land where the Earth's energy breaks out or accumulates. The emergence of such zones are most often associated with the Earth’s crust fractures, cracks in crystalline shields, underground stream water, karst cavities, ore or oil deposits. Many people who have visited the Lysaya gora near Aleksin tell about strange flying objects, which they have come across there. The eyewitnesses’ accounts are confirmed by photo- and videoshooting. In the same area regional researchers gathered an interesting collection of stones with the image of flying saucers, galaxy, mysterious creatures. The International Association of Ufologists recognised the Lysaya gora close to the village of Salomasovo in Aleksinsky District as an anomalous zone. But is it true? It’s up to you to decide!
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    Kolyupanovo, Aleksin Urban District, Tula Region
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Kolyupanovo, Aleksin Urban District, Tula Region

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